When we work together here are some examples of things you will hear me say:


Communication is an essential pillar of any successful relationship.


Lets take the “What If” off the table.


There is No room for assumption in business.


Lets try to take the emotions out of it.


Something that has to be done eventually, should be done immediately.


I can deal with Black and White, its that Gray stuff we should avoid.


Its the most cliché sounding thing ever, but its the truest- Location, Location, Location


Its all about Effortless Views.  Its not stand on your toes and hope the wind is blowing that palm tree out of the  way and boom I have a view.  Its when I can effortlessly enjoy the view. It then is gaged but from how many rooms and to what degree of view is it.


If you want front row seats, you need to buy front row tickets.


Island Real Estate is a Fixed product.  There’s not a better example of Supply and Demand real estate economics than “Island” Real Estate.


We are not Dubai, We are not making any new islands.


Every market has Micro Markets. Here on Longboat, every community can act as a micro market as every community is different.


Date the Rate, Marry the Property.


If we really want to Win, the fear of losing can not be greater than the excitement of winning.


Every condo is going to have their own unique regulations, budgets and practices.  We really need to look at them all individually.